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No hidden fees or strings attached... Simply clear pricing and easy to use software.  The most powerful Seed-To-Sale software is now the most affordable!


WeedTech.AI is Metrc Compliant! As of April 30, 2021, all reporting will be done via Metrc. We've integrated with them so you can save yourself the time and hassle of using complex software.


We believe no business should go under because they can't pay artificially-inflated fees. And now, you don't have to.
Big or small, WeedTech.Ai has your back. 

A Better System, Period.

$79 Per Month | No Contracts | No Setup Fees

A Note From The Founder

"We have a grow out here in Lawton and seed to sale prices pissed us off.

We weren't going to pay some out-of-state company a fortune, so we developed our own system. Now, we're grinding as hard as we can to bring it to everyone in Oklahoma for far less than anyone else. We don't want to be taken advantage of by software developers trying to make a quick buck off our industry, and we'd like to give every Okie out here that same chance."

Charles - Founder & Lead Developer

How It Works


Our powerful and flexible platform supports the creation of unlimited Products, Locations to put them, Batches for tracking them, Samples for reporting them, and Collections for editing them.


Print and scan QR codes to easily track things like product stages, transfers, weights, and just about anything else you can dream up using our Trackable system. Your view into your business will never be the same.


Build custom Manifests with the click of a button to record transports and transfers. Easily generate Monthly Reports from the data that you've entered along the way. Create a Sample to send off to the lab and upload the report directly to its Batch for easy, searchable tracking.

WeedTech.AI Is A Comprehensive System

Here's a short list of some of our features:

Monthly Reporting

Stay compliant with auto-generated monthly reports!

iOS & Android Apps

Control your whole business right from your phone! Our app is hands down the best out there.

Easy Scanning

No extra hardware needed. Move, sort, track, and locate with just your smart phone.

Lab Records

Create samples to be tested and upload the reports for quick reference.

Power Search

Find anything you're looking for with our proprietary deep search tool!


Track anything you choose with our unique "Trackables" feature!

Easy Browsing

No more headaches caused by complicated browsing systems.

Transfer Tool

Transfer your Products or Batches directly to other S2S users!

Offline Lock

No wi-fi? No problem. Go offline, get stuff done, and upload changes when you get back.
Todd - Hilltop BudZ

"I want to thank WeedTech.AI for helping with all my questions as I am a first time grower. My sister joined first and told me about how helpful it was for her. And especially SETH who has put up with a lot of my questions. My brother is fixing to start a grow and I’m getting him to join as well."


"These guys are working seven days a week trying to get everything going good. We have all saved a lot of money by joining them, and in doing so we are compliant. I plan to stay with them."

Freddy Jackson

"Thank you guys for doing this. I just wanted to say thank you."

Made By Okies For Okies

WeedTech.AI is the single most popular seed-to-sale system in Oklahoma
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